Four Simple Entrepreneurship Tips

“Use all of your experiences to passionately fuel yourself forward”, messages from Peter Murdock, owner Cravin Jamaican, Meet the Entrepreneur Next Door, September ’17

As Peter tells the story, it all started one evening after another long drive just to pick-up jerk chicken for dinner - and it wasn’t even as good as what he made back home when he was growing up. He came home, called the family together, and announced: “I’ve got a name!” By the time he was done, his son had drawn the logo.

Peter set out to bring the food of Jamaica to his new hometown of Ossining. His goal: recreate the senses of Jamaica for Jamaicans as well as for those who’ve visited. As he built his business, he also tapped into his other passions: a love of serving people and building a positive workplace that is good for everyone. 

Peter summed-up his story with four great pieces of advice:

Be passionate. Don’t be blind but be passionate about what you care about.
Create a team. Starting a business is not a one man (or woman) show. Having someone who shares your passion step in it with you makes it so much easier!
Stay optimistic. There will be lots of doubters, people who are experts at finding the negatives. Know when to ignore them!
Use mentors. Peter had four mentors, two who had succeeded and two who had not. They all openly shared their experiences / lessons learned and were a great group to bounce ideas off of. As Peter put it: “Don’t be an island by yourself.”

It doesn't hurt that Peter’s delicious food should keep everyone going back!

Peter Murdock, Cravin Jamaican, shared his story and passion for people and family

Peter Murdock, Cravin Jamaican, shared his story and passion for people and family

Ken Coogan's Top Ten Tips for Entrepreneurs

Captured at our September Meet the Entrepreneur Next Door event:

Play bigger than you are
You might be working out of your basement but get a proper phone, website, and e-mail account. And if you use web-conferencing, fix-up your backdrop!
Be a good listener
After every conversation, ask yourself “what did I learn about this person today?” If nothing, it wasn’t a good call.

One thing at a time
It’s hard to start a business. Really put yourself into it.
Set benchmarks for success
Track even small milestones and keep going.
Evolve with the times
Keep relevant and keep learning.
Manage your time wisely
Ask yourself what’s a value added activity and what’s not and carefully select what you do yourself and what you get others to do for you.
Invest and believe in yourself
If you believe in yourself others will too.
Live below your means and cover your overhead
Pay yourself regularly and don’t dip into proceeds just because you feel like it.
Experiment and don’t be afraid to fail
That’s how you learn and grow.
Stay contemporary
Personally understand the latest trends and what drives your customers.

Ken Coogan, CooganPartners, shares his insights

Ken Coogan, CooganPartners, shares his insights